– Gallery Installation and Interactive SMS Crowdsourced Photo Exhibit –

In Convergence Lines, Samara Smith and A.E. Souzis outlined one Brooklyn neighborhood’s social connections by mapping photographs sourced from area’s residents. Visitors to the exhibit and residents were invited to submit photographs via text throughout the month of January. When the images were collected, exhibited and mapped, they create a complex portrait of the surrounding communities, offering a glimpse into the many individual narratives that exist within one neighborhood. Resulting maps illustrated points of community connection in a neighborhood often defined more by its edges than by its center.

Convergence Lines was part of the group show Anamorphosis.

Anamorphosis was a spatial and relational exploration of what makes and defines a neighborhood, set in, and inspired by, the area surrounding the Open Source Gallery. The exhibit’s video and photo installations sought to collectively make visible the physical and social lines that demarcate and connect a community. Through site-specific and mobile media projects that encouraged residents to reflect upon their neighborhood and share their stories, the /rive Collective highlighted the relationships between public space, mobile technology and local or microhistories.

A /rive collective collaboration by Samara Smith and A.E. Souzis.


The experience for this installation begins with a text message to activate your involvement in the exhibit… an intriguing opportunity for neighbors and participants to engage in shared and public spaces, and the collaborative creation of the installation”

Power Up Your Mobile Device For /Rive Collective’s
‘Anamorphosis’ At Open Source Gallery
by Donny Levit, Park Slope Stoop