– Video and Sound Installation – 

In Horizon Lines, Annie Berman and Samara Smith uncovered the edges that mark one Brooklyn neighborhood’s undefined and immutable borders. By visually exploring lines of demarcation, Berman and Smith investigated the areas where neighborhood life met neighborhood boundaries. Two full wall projections filled the gallery with time-lapse videos of neighborhood boundaries. Visitors’ shadows were cast onto the images, bringing the viewers into the work by contrasting the relatively static “edge” spaces with the active, human movement of neighborhood community. To reinforce this, three soundscapes played in the gallery, with the center audio speakers featuring the sounds of human interaction from the neighborhood

” While the piece is strikingly visual, the usage of urban sounds
plays a pivotal role, as they surround the viewer in the space. “

Power Up Your Mobile Device For /Rive Collective’s
‘Anamorphosis’ At Open Source Gallery
by Donny Levit, Park Slope Stoop

Horizon Lines was part of the group show Anamorphosis.

Anamorphosis was a spatial and relational exploration of what makes and defines a neighborhood, set in, and inspired by, the area surrounding the Open Source Gallery. The exhibit’s video and photo installations sought to collectively make visible the physical and social lines that demarcate and connect a community. Through site-specific and mobile media projects that encouraged residents to reflect upon their neighborhood and share their stories,  the /rive collective highlighted the relationships between public space, mobile technology and local or microhistories.

A /rive collective collaboration by Samara Smith and A.E. Souzis.