– Interactive SMS Crowdsourced Photo Diary –

Tell-A-Commute was a crowdsourced neighborhood photo diary documenting the collective observations of New Yorkers on their daily commute. T​his participatory project used smartphone photography and interactive texting to compile a collaborative visual portrait of New York as seen through the eyes of its residents as they traveled along the city’s lifeblood­­–its subways. Through a series of text messages, commuters were invited to chronicle their neighborhoods and share their thoughts about the rapidly changing city.

A crowd-sourced project by Samara Smith and A.E. Souzis (/rive Collective).


  • Platform, New York Transit Museum, April 2015
  • Platform, New York Transit Museum, June 2015
  • Platform, New York Transit Museum, September 2015

Participatory Experience:

  • April 2015 – September 2015, New York City